Company Info

How our Company Works

Our companies are becoming more and more accustomed to the quality of service delivery. We have 8 brands from which we provide various services to the people. We are preparing to provide many services keeping the people in mind. How does Bengali work? We do business in two main ways. First, businesses reach out to potential customers by displaying ads on Joomri search engines, maps, and more. We will make a profit through advertising. And we will provide customer advertising services ourselves which is done by our second reload brand. Second, we do business with customers through our uniquely provided service. Where the services we provide are all digital-related work, through which we make money through the provision of services. We make money through our online agencies, online shopping, domains and hosting, and online food delivery services.


We have worked hard to build our organization so that people around the world can get services through our organizations. For the organization, we organize our team first so that we can finish all the activities properly. After that, we create all the documents from our organization. We will try to give a brief introduction to the documents of our organization and its activities.