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Bangali, who are relentlessly ready to start something new

Bangali Technologies is an organization that provides information around the world. It seeks to build a global platform with a variety of technology companies, including search engines, video sharing, payment gateways, e-commerce and online advertising.

How Joomri search engines present your search?

Joomri search employs sophisticated search engine algorithms to discover, classify, and rank the billions of websites that make up the Internet. It decides the quality and relevance of a page.

Stir in digital services with Workingdone

Workingdone is one of our many other organizations that is fully responsible for the transformation of digital technology. We include in this service all web related services including web design, web development, software animation, apps development, graphics design, all of which help you to bring your business online and grow easily.

Why you choose domain and hosting services?

Orfrom is basically providing domain and hosting services all over the world. You can easily get beautiful domain names from our domain and hosting services. Domain name and web hosting are two separate services.