Entertainment and Media

All placements of Bangali Technologies logos or products in any media must be published by our approval.

If you want to display or promote the logo or product of Bangali Tachnology in any place at any media event (TV, music video, movie, etc.), the place of promotion must be approved by Bangali Technologies.

Please follow the logo usage guidelines and these entertainment instructions, then submit your request form in English by publishing the entertainment below.

Entertainment guidelines

Our products must be characterized as positive, authentic, and most importantly empowering. Products must be clear, and accurately portrayed in a way that relates to the everyday customer.

Entertainment release form

To maintain consistency of our logo, never do any of the following.

Bangali Technologies reserves the right to approve or deny any proposed use of any Bangali Technologies product. Please be patient as we have many requests. It can take up to 2 weeks for us to review and respond to your request.