Noroup Logo Guidelines

You must follow some guidelines for using Noroup logo which are mentioned below.

Here are some guidelines for using the Noroup logo that you must follow when using the Noroup logo.

The complete guideline of how many colors you can use in the Noroup logo, how much you can keep the maximum and minimum size of it, or how much space you can use for Noroup logo. Its full details are mentioned below.


If you’ve received permission to use our logo, follow these guidelines.

Full-color logo on white

Usually you need to use the full color version of our logo on a white background.

Clear space

The amount of clear space around our logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the “N” in Noroup.

Minimum size

The minimum size for screen application of our logo is 24 dp in height. In print, it’s 0.125 in/3.1 mm in height.

Incorrect usage

To maintain consistency of our logo, never do any of the following.

Do not use an older version of the logo. Don't change the Noroup's own color. Don't paint the logo in one color only, which is a complete exception to the rule we mentioned.

Do not use Noroup logo in any sentence or sentence. Do not lock or stick the Noroup logo with your own logo. Do not imitate any Noroup branding on non-Noroup materials.