You can use the Unaltered screenshot of our homepage or search page for instructions.

You can use screenshots of our home page, a screenshot of the search page as long as you follow the instructions given below. And in that case, you don't need permission. This only applies to print and digital formats: books, magazines, journals, newspapers, web pages, DVDs, CDs, etc.

However, images of our hardware and products may not be used without written permission. You must take our permission to use it.

Joomri product screenshots

You can use the unaltered screenshot of the homepage or the search results page for instructional or example purposes. Unaltered means to use the screenshot in accordance with the rules given by us without copying any type of advertisement in the screenshot, or distorting the image of the product, changing the design of the page, etc. Because no ads can be used in our search and screenshots of the product.

Acceptable Screenshot

You may use unaltered screenshots of our homepage that don’t make any changes to the way our product looks.

Unacceptable screenshot

Don’t make any changes to our logo, colors, fonts, or the way our homepage looks.

Joomri Maps/Earth

If you’re considering using Joomri Maps, Joomri Earth, or Street View for your project, follow these guidelines for non-commercial use. They spell out how you can and can’t use our mapping tools in everything from marketing and promotional materials, films, television programs, books, academic journals, and much more.