Our Brands

Sorted by the combination of all the big enterprises and unique organizations in the world here. Here is a combination of all the innovations intended with great potential.

Joomri Search Engine

Search the world's information, including webpages, news, images, videos, maps, and more. it is making it easy for people to search for information.

Noroup Video Hosting Services

The best video sharing platform to promise to give you everything that is best and updated to suit your needs and make the moments enjoyable.

Authod Payments Gateway

Authod will provide you with any online transaction services around the world, and it will be very safe and secure for transactions and more.

Loptos Food Delivery

An online catering service guarantees you healthy meals and provides quality authentic food, which will make you interested in choosing Loptos.

Reetag E-commerce

petailer has taken the online shopping system to the final stage. This is the best e-commerce platform as you can want. A trusted online platform petailer.

Second Reload Online Advertising

A great advertising service platform. Second Reload provides advertising services around the world. Ready to continue advertising activities as needed by visitors.

WorkingDone Freelancing Platform

Workingdone is an expert at building powerful brands that thrive in the digital world. From it, you can get all the digital-related work services for your business.

Orfrom Domain & Hosting

Orform will provide you with domain name and web hosting services worldwide. From which you can easily find attractive domain names and buy hosting for your website.

Astarted IT & Consulting

Astarted is a leading global professional services company, providing services and solutions in strategy & consulting, interactive, technology and operations.


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