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Extended Workforce

We're sometimes asked why we have this extended workforce.

As Bangali Technologies has entered new lines of business and hired more employees, we need more outside expertise and support. Sometimes work is best done by Bangali Technologies employees. Other times, the work is best done by specialized companies that have particular expertise and can provide training, support, and career ladders for their employees.

We contract with businesses around the world to provide specialized services where we don’t have appropriate in-house expertise or resources, often in fields that require significant specialized training like cafe operations, medical care, transportation, customer support and physical security. Vendors are employees of these businesses, and account for the overwhelming majority of our extended workforce. We also contract with temporary staffing companies when we need to cover short-term leaves, when we have spikes in business needs, or when we need to quickly incubate special projects. Such temporary staff account for about 3% of our overall workforce. Finally, we obtain services from a small number of independent contractors, who comprise less than 0.5% of our overall workforce.