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Human Rights

In everything we do, including launching new brands and expanding our operations around the globe, we are guided by internationally recognized human standards. We are committed to respecting the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its implementing treaties.

In addition to actively harnessing the power of technology to advance human rights and create new opportunities for people across the globe, we are committed to responsible decision-making around emerging technologies.

Executive Oversight And Board Governance

Bangali Technologies work on civil rights and human rights is conducted through our Human Rights Program, a central function responsible for ensuring -- across Bangali Technologies and all its brand that we are meeting our commitment, and other civil and human rights instruments.

As we grow as a company, we continue to enhance and evolve our implementation of our human rights commitments. Council members will represent key product areas and functions across Bangali Technologies and regularly hear from the leaders of the Human Rights Program.

Human Rights Program

The Human Rights Program advances company-wide strategy on civil and human rights, advises product teams on potential civil and human rights impacts, conducts human rights due diligence, and engages external experts and stakeholders.

Our civil and human rights work is integrated into processes and procedures across the company. A network of employees covering product, regional, and functional areas is responsible for the day-to-day work of protecting our users. Employees can also raise concerns about human and civil rights, which are reviewed by the Human Rights Program and senior management, as relevant.