Some of our own words and how did we become interested in this initiative

From small idea we become interested in create wide range of technology.

SVG Illustration

we work start with a small office as well as a small team. It is like a small family and we work on our weird dreams. From the beginning we all thought of doing something with technology or working on some project that would present Bangladesh as a role model to the world and our business or all the brands and services we created would be used worldwide.

The name of our parent company (Bengali Technologies Limited) has been chosen in such a way that it will easily present Bangladesh to people all over the world. We know that our software and challenges will make some people laugh and some people will make fun of us, yet we want to move forward with our sufficient morale and challenges and we believe that all the people of the world should be any obstacle by our side.

These vast technological advantages have made us eager to take this initiative. We are interested in expanding the use of technology to all people and keeping the world one step ahead in keeping pace with technology. We basically want to build our strong position globally. We want to create software in our country with all the unique ideas that will make Bangladesh known to the world as a role model of technology.